Mario Kart Wii

Even as I’m learning what types of game I like to play, especially on the Wii – and figuring out how to use the damn Wii remote (although I have caved and bought a classic controller for it because someimes you just want a proper one, you know?) – but one thing is remaining consant. […]

Even more new-to-me games

So, a little over a month ago, Li brought a Wii home from a charity shop. No games, just a Wii. I had a Wii at home, but only had Wii Fit Plus for it. Over the last month, we have managed to amass a collection of about 30 games that looks like this – […]

Oooh, shiny!

There was going to be a post tonight where I walked about genres of games, what I used to enjoy playing and figuring out what it is I like playing now, and want to try going forward. But that got interrupted by my postman bringing me 3 Wii games I got from ebay, and so […]