Oooh, shiny!

There was going to be a post tonight where I walked about genres of games, what I used to enjoy playing and figuring out what it is I like playing now, and want to try going forward. But that got interrupted by my postman bringing me 3 Wii games I got from ebay, and so […]


I want to preface this by saying ‘in my defence, I have ADHD and was left unsupervised’. But yesterday, shortly after the go live of this shiny new blog of mine, I stumbled across and signed up for #blaugust2022 Do I think I’ll actually manage to post 31 times in August? No, probably not if […]

Retro Gaming Weekend

I have had a Super Nintendo since the early 90s. I cut my gaming teeth on both it and the Game Boy, falling completely in love with all things Mario. Many many hours were spent sitting on the floor in the middle of my parent’s living room as a pre-teen, learning the art of perseverance […]