Games beginning with S

I’ve just done a post over on my book blog, part of Top Ten Tuesday on the theme of ‘Books on my currently reading and/or TBR beginning with S’, so I thought I’d do the same thing over here. These are 10 games that I’m either currently playing, are on my backlog or on a […]

Bermuda Adventures

I play various mobile games, but because I have ADHD what often happens is I pick a game, I play it a decent amount, but then a shiny new game takes my interest, the old game gets uninstalled and I only play the new one. Lather, rinse, repeat. But there’s a couple of games that […]

The Sounds of Stardew Valley

One of the many things I really love about Stardew Valley is the sounds – both the music and game play sounds really add to the cozy vibes of the game. The OST is on Spotify: And ConcernedApe has also linked to various different arrangements of it, including one arranged by Kentaro Sato and played […]

Mario Kart Wii

Even as I’m learning what types of game I like to play, especially on the Wii – and figuring out how to use the damn Wii remote (although I have caved and bought a classic controller for it because someimes you just want a proper one, you know?) – but one thing is remaining consant. […]

Even more new-to-me games

So, a little over a month ago, Li brought a Wii home from a charity shop. No games, just a Wii. I had a Wii at home, but only had Wii Fit Plus for it. Over the last month, we have managed to amass a collection of about 30 games that looks like this – […]

Oooh, shiny!

There was going to be a post tonight where I walked about genres of games, what I used to enjoy playing and figuring out what it is I like playing now, and want to try going forward. But that got interrupted by my postman bringing me 3 Wii games I got from ebay, and so […]

Retro Gaming Weekend

I have had a Super Nintendo since the early 90s. I cut my gaming teeth on both it and the Game Boy, falling completely in love with all things Mario. Many many hours were spent sitting on the floor in the middle of my parent’s living room as a pre-teen, learning the art of perseverance […]