Games with one-word titles

This weeks Top Ten Tuesday is Games With One-Word Titles These are 10 games that I’m either currently playing, are on my backlog or on a wishlist, that have a one-word title Claymates Dredge Figment Hades Harvestella Lemmings Moonlighter Solitaire Spiritfarer Tetris

Games beginning with S

I’ve just done a post over on my book blog, part of Top Ten Tuesday on the theme of ‘Books on my currently reading and/or TBR beginning with S’, so I thought I’d do the same thing over here. These are 10 games that I’m either currently playing, are on my backlog or on a […]

Bermuda Adventures

I play various mobile games, but because I have ADHD what often happens is I pick a game, I play it a decent amount, but then a shiny new game takes my interest, the old game gets uninstalled and I only play the new one. Lather, rinse, repeat. But there’s a couple of games that […]

The Sounds of Stardew Valley

One of the many things I really love about Stardew Valley is the sounds – both the music and game play sounds really add to the cozy vibes of the game. The OST is on Spotify: And ConcernedApe has also linked to various different arrangements of it, including one arranged by Kentaro Sato and played […]

Red, white & blue game covers

Happy 4th July to all my American friends. Also known as ‘ungrateful colonials’ LMAO Even though it’s obviously not a holiday for me, I thought I’d celebrate by having a look through my Nintendo Switch games and sharing some that have covers in red, white, and/or blue. Animal Crossing: New Horizons Mario Kart 8 Hope’s […]

Mario Kart Wii

Even as I’m learning what types of game I like to play, especially on the Wii – and figuring out how to use the damn Wii remote (although I have caved and bought a classic controller for it because someimes you just want a proper one, you know?) – but one thing is remaining consant. […]

Even more new-to-me games

So, a little over a month ago, Li brought a Wii home from a charity shop. No games, just a Wii. I had a Wii at home, but only had Wii Fit Plus for it. Over the last month, we have managed to amass a collection of about 30 games that looks like this – […]