One of the many things I really love about Stardew Valley is the sounds – both the music and game play sounds really add to the cozy vibes of the game.

The OST is on Spotify:

And ConcernedApe has also linked to various different arrangements of it, including one arranged by Kentaro Sato and played by a the Budapest Symphony Orchestra and a favourite of mine, extremely relaxing piano and saxophone pieces that cover melodies from Stardew Valley but go far beyond into expressive jazz. Highly recommended for extreme relaxation

One of my favourite sounds from the game is the sound of the rain, especially when you’re on the beach and it’s falling into the ocean. It’s such a relaxing, calming, sound and quite often lulls me to sleep.

That’s not to say that every sound in the game is nice. I really really hate the buzzing sound of the Cave Fly in levels 1-29 of the mines. Although, I hate the sound of buzzing insects in general – they really trigger my anxiety and I have absolutely no idea why.

But it’s got me thinking about how important sound and music are in games, which isn’t something I often consciously pay attention to.
Except how many of us just know the music of Tetris, or Super Mario, or Sonic? Even if we haven’t played it in years or maybe even decades, it’s instantly recognisable and you may even have started humming it just thinking about it.
Rock & Roll Racing introduced a very wee Llama to a lot of the music they still listen to today.

And I still have fucking nightmares about those opening scenes of Silent Hill – you remember, those ones where everything is foggy, but you’ve found the radio which starts playing static when there’s something there? Equal parts hate and LOVE that sound.

What game music and sounds have always stuck with you?

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