1. University I am doing a part-time distance-learning Classical Studies degree, I have just finished my 4th module (out of 7 – I started with an access module or foundation year). I study about 25 hours a week and my final assignment of the year was submitted a couple of weeks ago. I am actually taking the next academic year off for mental health reasons/to avoid burnout

2. Work They insist on taking up 40 hours of my time every single week, which honestly is incredibly rude of them. But then they do give me the money every month which lets me pay rent, buy food and acquire all the games so I suppose it’s a good transaction. Shame they don’t pay me to read books! 

3. Reading I am a complete bibliophile, I’ve always got at least one book on me, and will die with a massive TBR – possibly crushed to death by it falling on me. I’ve read 45 this year, my goal is 80 but I’m wondering if I might hit 100 for the first time! Currently reading Nomadland: Surviving America in the Twenty-First Century by Jessica Bruder and The Horse and His Boy by CS Lewis

4. Housework Admittedly, I’m not the best at keeping on top of keeping my flat in order. Between work, school and ADHD I blink and there’s suddenly a ridiculous amount of laundry and dishes to do and all my floors need vacuuming and ARGH! 

5. Spending time with Li We’re in a long-distance relationship, I probably only see her for about 10 days every couple of months so when we are together, we like to do things together. Although, there is also a lot of parallel play taking place so there are definitely times when I’m reading! 

6. Watching TV One of my biggest hobbies, other than reading and gaming, is watching TV. I watch a ridiculous amount of shows, will try the 1×01 of pretty much anything. And as a result, am never up-to-date on anything. Well, I used to be until the pandemic but then all my shows had COVID-19 storylines and my escape stopped being safe. Right now, I’m mostly watching old old old episodes of ER – I’m most of the way through S4

7. Blogging I haven’t had as much time as I would like for blogging and for social media, but I do throughly enjoy doing it. I love talking about games about as much as I enjoy reading them. My plan for over the summer is to pick it up more again.  

8. Cooking I love to cook, and on an average week I will cook from scratch probably 5 nights. It’s mostly pasta and rice dishes, and I keep forgetting that I have a slow cooker so that’s something I want to remember to utilise more often. I have a lil pile of cookbooks, plus there’s the whole internet and I tend to steal recipes from HelloFresh! 

9. Spoons I live with chronic pain, along with having anxiety and depression, so there are some days when I am fatigued, stressed, having a bad mental health day and don’t have the energy to do anything, even sitting and reading can be too much on days when I’ve used all my spoons on just getting through the day
If you don’t know about the Spoon Theory, click here to learn more

10. My list of games to try Honestly, there are days when the sheer number of games I want to play, games I’ve downloaded the demo of to try… hell even the number of gamess that I’ve started and haven’t finished/still have in progress, just becomes overwhelming and I have a little panic. 

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