I’m definitely leaning into my gaming right now!

My postman delivered my copy of Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life a couple of days early. There was much squee and then I sat down and played for a few hours. I honestly didn’t do much – went through the prologue, went into town, met a bunch of people, got the lay of the land, worked through the first full day. I went onto Twitch and there’s people that have already played SO FAR THROUGH but that’s not my goal, not how I play games. I’ve picked up my first couple of quests though so I’m excited to play some more.

I got super excited in the Nintendo Direct the other week – we have new 2d side-scrolling platformers for both Mario and Sonic, and they pretty much look like newer versions of the classic games. As much as I do love my racing and life sim games, 2d side-scrolling platformers have been my favourite for *cough* number of years! I’ve already pre-ordered Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

I’ve also pre-ordered Paleo Pines. Li talked about it on the Steam Next Fest and I downloaded the demo on Steam, because there wasn’t one yet on Switch. Which definitely confirmed I am not a pc gamer – WASD does *not* work for me. But it was super cute, so I hopped onto Twitch, watched some other people playing and promptly pre-ordered it on my Switch. A life/farming sim. With dinosaurs. I mean… what’s a llama to do?!

That apparently wasn’t enough gaming exciting for one weekend. Nope. I used some of the reward I got from work to buy a Nintendo eshop giftcard and picked up a few games in the sale: Cattails, Broken Sword 5, Trivial Pursuit Live 2, Lunistice and A Short Hike. I’ve had a wee play of each of them
Cattails – life sim, but you’re a cat. Super cute!
Trivial Pursuit Live 2 – I’d already got the first one and love it, this one has new characters, new questions and an online play mode which I’m interested to try
Lunistice – I’d played the demo and love it. It’s a 3d platformer, gives me a little touch of motion sickness if I play it too long, but it’s addictive
A Short Hike – an early contender for ‘new favourite game’. You’re a penguin trying to hike to the top of a mountain to get cell phone reception, but keep getting many side tasks to complete and it’s super fucking cute!

You would think that would be the end… but noo!
I’d really been enjoying playing the demos of Puzzle Bobble Everybubble and Dredge. And, well. I had enough points on Nielsen Homescan Surveys to get a reward – they don’t do Nintendo giftcards, but they do do Curry’s giftcards… and Curry’s sell Nintento giftcards. But of course, Curry’s sent me a physical giftcard LMAO.
I’ve also got a £20 (or £25) Tesco giftcard from a Christmas present I returned (too small boo) and since Tesco also sell Nintendo giftcards, I’m picked one up when I did my groceries on Thursday and used the Tesco giftcard to cover the cost. Then I picked up Puzzle Bobble and Dredge!

So yes, lots of fun new games for a llama to play.
This summer I’m essentially hoping to focus on Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars (yes, the first one!), The Secret of Monkey Island (again, yes the first one!), Stardew Valley (need to finish building my boat!), Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life, and Super Mario Bros (you guessed it, the first one!)

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