Even as I’m learning what types of game I like to play, especially on the Wii – and figuring out how to use the damn Wii remote (although I have caved and bought a classic controller for it because someimes you just want a proper one, you know?) – but one thing is remaining consant. I love racing games

Not realistic type ones though, you understand.
I grew up playing Mario Kart, Micro Machines and Rock & Roll Racing on the SNES. 
I loved Road Rash and Micro Machines on the PS1

Mario Kart Wii is made of love. ALL THE LOVE. I really struggled using the Wii Remote to steer – even though, like most people playing the SNES, I always turned it even as I pressed the direction buttons. I was actually getting very upset and frustrated at not being able to play a game I loved. So we picked up a couple of the wheels and it made a huge difference, and very shortly I was back to winning again. 

I race as Peach, and I’m currently using the BonBon bike and I’ve got gold in all 4 cups on the 50cc karts and bikes.

The only downside is that the game is currently giving me pretty bad motionsickness, which isn’t ideal and has never happened to me in 30ish years of video gaming. I’ve never felt sick, or had a thumpingheadache. not even when I was a wee llama. I’ve looked up a few things I can try in my settings – but I’m also aware that I need new glasses with a stronger prescription which I’m due to pick up on Sunday so I’m really hoping that helps!

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