So, a little over a month ago, Li brought a Wii home from a charity shop. No games, just a Wii. I had a Wii at home, but only had Wii Fit Plus for it. Over the last month, we have managed to amass a collection of about 30 games that looks like this – charity shops, CEX, ebay, and a generous friend who no longer played their Wii and wanted their games to go to a good home.

Quite a few of these games came from CEX. I had a copy of Mario Paint for the SNES that I didn’t want, had hardly ever used and it was still in pretty damn good condition. We knew that CEX would give us like £50 in store vouchers for it, so Li jumped on the train to Exeter yesterday to trade it in and pick up what we could find there. We knew we wanted to get a couple of the wheels, and a classic controller. She came home with those, plus a zapper, 12 Wii games and a PS2 game! In total, she spent in actual cash about £5.

Three of the games she brought home were Guitar Hero games. Do we have a guitar controller? No.
So a couple of those are now on the list to try and get LMAO

We lost many hours yesterday evening playing Mario Kart Wii. The first time we tried it, last weekend, I was getting really frustrated because I wasn’t getting the hang of steering using the Wii Remote. I’m not going to lie, it was actually really quite upsetting because I ADORE the game on the SNES. But then yesterday using the wheels? It was SO much better, we were both doing way better in the races and way more enjoyed the game.

Another notable mention for being a game which I think is going to be the absolute perfect level of fucking terrible (for reference, I love bad SyFy channel monster/disaster movies). It’s called Trauma Centre: Second Opinion and on first play appears to be a kind of manga video game version of Operation.
And, hilariously, the character you play is called Dr Derek Stiles. And his supervisor is called Dr Greg Kasal. I just… you can’t make this shit up.

I’m looking forward to properly sitting down and playing all these games. I predict many many hours of fun. I can’t wait!

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