Well that was a great start to posting every day in August wasn’t it? I did actually start a post while at work yesterday, a little ramble about the game I’m playing on my phone sporadically throughout my workday called Bermuda Adventures.

But then I had my therapy appointment in the morning which went pretty well, thank you. Hard work but I’m feeling pretty positive about it. My therapist sent me the paperwork for being referred to adult autism assessment and I lost most of the rest of the day to complete and utter hyperfocus on completing the paperwork. And the irony of hyperfocusing on autism paperwork is not lost on me.

The base form was 3 pages long, and it was over 13 by the time I’d finished and I still feel like there’s something super obvious that I missed. Also by the end of the form I was wondering how the fuck it hasn’t been picked up before that I’m probably autistic – I guess the same way no-one mentioned my ADHD: by this age, everyone assume you’re diagnosed/know you have it. Oh well. We’ll see how it goes.

I also can’t actually remember what else I was going to say. Go figure. I’ve been thinking up ideas about posts going forward. There’s definitely going to be some posts about the main games I’m playing at the moment, games I want to try, probably a gaming history/timeline kind of thing. I’m not entirely sure. I didn’t really think this out 100% but I’m enjoying my book blogging, found some awesome link-ups (like Top Ten Tuesday, What I’m Reading Wednesday, Book Blogger Hope) and the community is super nice and friendly. And then over the last couple of months I rediscovered my love for gaming, thought ‘ooh gaming blog’ because I love talking about the things I get excited about, and I have no impulse control, so here we are. we’re not even going to mention the new domain I just bought because I miss posting recipes and talking about cooking

Hopefully I’ll have a far more interesting post for you tomorrow LOL

My phone is now telling me it’s time for my bedtime routine, so I think I’m going to stop rambling about the fact I have nothing to talk about, make myself a hot drink, take my meds and curl up in bed with a book. Symbiont by Mira Grant is what I’m currently reading, in case you were wondering.

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